City of Sin

"On The Road Again"
Session 0

Caspinburgh is a huge metropolis located across the Oni Badlands that remains unaligned to any flag other than its own. They refuse to join any country, but they have so many citizens that they might as well be their own country all together. The only way to get to Caspinburgh is to travel through the wasteland known as the Oni Badlands or to arrive by ship. The waters in the distance of Caspinburgh are rough and hard to travel by, only the finest ships could conquer them. Primarily noble ships come, so the common people mainly arrive to Caspinburgh via the desert. It is a city of peace and unity, where the outside wars do not reach and rivalries are put to rest. Caspinburgh is a sovereign nation, and there are very few laws to obey. If you do things that someone finds unlawful, they will likely pay someone to take you out. Caspinburgh is full of opportunities, freedom, and clean slates. You and your party are currently travelling with a caravan to get to Caspinburgh. It is full of misfits, merchants, treasure hunters, and various other colorful faces. The caravan makes its way across a great stone bridge that takes you across the Swift Water Canyon that runs down to the town where the caravan will make camp for the night. You cross the bridge and tread on for another half hour or so and the caravan pulls into Swift Water Village.


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